December 7

memories from another world..

Reserva Eduardo Avaroa, Bolivia

Reserva Eduardo Avaroa, Bolivia

     A pleasant memory of exploring the world, seeing outworldly landscapes, experiencing another life in another place.. I miss it.

     I’ve never felt so vulnerable, so curious, or so motivated, still this was something I couldn’t have done on my own.

     These are the memories I go to when I need to escape, when I’m anxious, or when I’m sad, and I also come here to contemplate, hope, and dream.

     I met a lot of people I might not see again, and I saw a lot of places that inspired me to keep searching for a little piece of paradise in nature.

     I’ll always be searching for that brightness, harnessing the warmth of the sun on my face, helping me shine for those around me while still appreciating the beautiful scars of past storms.

     I’ve learned to look deeper into others’ souls, experiencing them, their faces sliding over mine as a mask to understand and appreciate the differences life has given us, yet we’ll always be individuals hopefully trying to coexist.

     I look forward to more memories, experiences, and landscapes with hopes that I can inspire others along the way.

     After all, my life was dark until someone removed the clouds for me, and I’ve fallen in love with that person ever since.

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