December 3

the backlight script..

     In my experience, some GNU/Linux installations on laptops don’t quite handle the display backlight adjustment well enough. Sometimes the adjustment lags (which is strange as key-strokes are hardware interrupts, should prempt) with an annoying delay, and other times it simply doesn’t work at all. I often find myself having to reconfigure the hotkeys. This procedure may be unsafe, as it changes the ownership of a file in /sys to that of my user. Use at your own risk!

     To do this, we will use xbindkeys-config (XBindKeys_Config 0.1.3 by Laurent Vuibert), a gui utility that helps setup script execution by means of key combinatons or mouse clicks, using the xbindkeys utility (xbindkeys 1.8.6 by Philippe Brochard).
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November 24

I’m gshark lazy..

     Although I’m a huge KDE fan, I simply stoped using the menu launcher a while back. I’ve resorted to launching pretty much everything from the run dialogue, available as Alt+F2 keyboard shortcut on machine.

     I listen to grooveshark quite a lot, looking for new sounds or bands I haven’t heard before, but I’m quite lazy in opening a new firefox window/tab, typing in the complete url, or even simply just grooveshark and then clicking on the relevant search result.. and THEN finally typing in the artist/song I heard about and I’m looking for.. it’s just too damn long!
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