December 3

the backlight script..

     In my experience, some GNU/Linux installations on laptops don’t quite handle the display backlight adjustment well enough. Sometimes the adjustment lags (which is strange as key-strokes are hardware interrupts, should prempt) with an annoying delay, and other times it simply doesn’t work at all. I often find myself having to reconfigure the hotkeys. This procedure may be unsafe, as it changes the ownership of a file in /sys to that of my user. Use at your own risk!

     To do this, we will use xbindkeys-config (XBindKeys_Config 0.1.3 by Laurent Vuibert), a gui utility that helps setup script execution by means of key combinatons or mouse clicks, using the xbindkeys utility (xbindkeys 1.8.6 by Philippe Brochard).
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November 24

I’m gshark lazy..

     Although I’m a huge KDE fan, I simply stoped using the menu launcher a while back. I’ve resorted to launching pretty much everything from the run dialogue, available as Alt+F2 keyboard shortcut on machine.

     I listen to grooveshark quite a lot, looking for new sounds or bands I haven’t heard before, but I’m quite lazy in opening a new firefox window/tab, typing in the complete url, or even simply just grooveshark and then clicking on the relevant search result.. and THEN finally typing in the artist/song I heard about and I’m looking for.. it’s just too damn long!
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November 22

installing new kernels..

     Installing a new kernel can be tricky, especially building custom kernels. A plethora of configuration options are usually available to produce a kernel that is best suited to a particular set of hardware devices and OS functions. For instance, a fancy option I like to make sure is enabled is the Hibernation option, found under Power Management and ACPI Options when configuring the kernel with menuconfig. This allows the machine to be put in hibernation mode.

     A set of basic steps in configuring, compiling and installing a new Linux kernel can be found here.

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November 22

grub menu..

     Aside from providing a fancy looking menu when a system starts, GRUB, or GRand Unified Bootloader, is a boot loader that allows us to choose which kernel we would like to boot into. Some instructions on how to do so can be found here.

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November 21

tools for code..

     Linux can be considered as one large integrated development environment (IDE), and I like to consider the tools and utilities in it as “plug-ins” for this large IDE, even if IDE applications of the likes of netbeans or eclipse can themselves be installed on top of Linux. I’ve added what I feel are the very basic tools a code artist needs in a toolbox here.

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November 21

first page up..

     I’ve been procrastinating long enough on the matter, so I’ve added this blog’s first page. It details 2 alternatives to the git method in obtaining the Linux kernel source code. For a direct link to it, click here.

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